Hamring Selcall Preview

HamRing - Selective Calling for Amateur Radio Service 

HamRing (Amateur Radio Service) Selective Calling App Preview

Starting the App

HamRing Selective Calling


Choosing a Contact with Open Selcall

Test Ping the Contact with Open Selcall

Testing in Progress: Transmitting the Signal


Selcall in Progress

Selcall Sent on a Channel Frequency: Waiting for Revertive

Using Keypad to Send a Selcall Number

Selcall to a Number Sent

Calling in Progress

Settings Menu: Self Address

Settings for Self Address

Settings Menu: Audio

Audio Settings

Checking History

History Log of Incoming and Outgoing Activity

Emergency Selcall: Touch and Hold

Sending an Emergency Selcall

Closing Application

Zelcall Selective Calling App

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